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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  December 13, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time to take a look at the best videos of the day and the stories behind them, "right this minute." doctors are baffled by a baby girl's swollen cheek and when you hear what finally -- >> emerged from the swollen area. >> you will be just as shocked as her parents were. >> we're still in disbelief. it's crazy. >> mascot stage a mock fight. >> it quickly gets completely out of handp. >> why this epic battle on the court was the real crowd
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pleaser. >> two women steal a poodle with an orange mohawk. now his owners is -- >> using pet amber >> how she is going to get her dog back and get back at the thieves. >> they think they got away with something that really made me mad. >> two people strip all the way down with pixels -- >> over the his and her naughty areas. >> why pixel pants are suddenly the hot holiday gifts. very cute little girl we're looking at is the nearly 7-month-old mya whitington. she looks happen. look at this picture. right away you notice her face is red, a little swollen. you won't believe thi what looked like a string emerged from the swollen area. mya's pediatrician plucked a two-inch long feather from her neck. >> like a bird's feather? >> a feather that looked like it fell out of your pillow. a feather they believe maybe she swallowed or inhaled.
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they don't know when this happened because they said okay, we do have one down pillow but we hardly use it. mya's parents and emma and aaron and mya joining us right this minute. tell us how mya is doing now. >> she saw a doctor today and he was going to poke it, drain it, but there was nothing to drain. he said it will heal on its own. >> what was the moment like when you realized it was a deather? >> when the doctor pulled it out she was shocked. it's a feather. what do you mean a fetser? >> did you save the feather? >> got it here in the specimen jar. >> what were the things going through your mind when you spotted that? >> my wife was scared it was a spider bite. i figured it was a swollen lymph node. er thought the same thing and sent her back home. when we woke up it was one and a half times bigger and a pimple thing with it. s doctors poked it with a needle. a specialist came and nicked the scab and looks like it's starting to break up.
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five minutes later we started seeing half inch string looking thing sticking out. what is that? her pediatrician showed up and what is that? her thinking is she inhaled it or swallowed it and got lodged in the throat and the body doing the stuff it does it rejected it and slowly started pushing it out the side of her neck. >> do the doctors have any explanation, like anything they've seen before? >> the specialist we seen today he says only one time he had seen something else similar to that but it wasn't a feather. >> hi. you did good. >> did mya appear irritated? >> you probably wouldn't have known there was something in her neck. only time she would cry is when she would see a nurse. she got poked eight or nine times. she was a happy normal baby. something we had noticed she had started pulling we didn't know if it was the signs of an ear infection or teething. >> learning this story later in life. >> if she's a trooper she's going to think that's serious street cred.
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♪ crowd goes wild as the mascots from two rival high school basketball teams go at it. the high school male bull dog versus the manual high school ram. they planned on having a pretend fight. it quickly gets completely out of hand. >> why did it turn into something real? did their adrenaline get rushing? somebody put a random punch to the stuffed nose. >> no way you can have two teenage kids in mascot costumes with their friends and school mates cheering them on and have a play fight. >> i can pinpoint the moment when it started. watch the ram pull a jackie chan move on the other guy. >> i think you're right. the bull dog doesn't like that too much and the fur flies. these guys hit the floor. looks like finally somebody comes in to try to break these two up. but that wasn't the worst of it.
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the fight continued with students after the game was over. that's where the real problems began. in case you were wondering, manual high school won 63-40. we know police officers see all kinds of weird things. this one is i have to say really funny. ♪ >> i don't know. is that a lawn mower? >> some dude was chilling on his lawn mower driving down the road. >> is this his way of getting around, driving drunk sfw. >> this man is elliott robert conrad iii, 56 years old. he was under the influence of something. he gets off, little slow, struggles to stay straight. >> what are you doing, man? >> [ inaudible ]. >> stretching out my john deere is off. >> as he's walking towards the
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officer what's wrong, officer? >> do you get an lwi? lawn mowering while intoxicated. >> he got charged with first offense dui. >> driving under the influence is a broad blanket offense. doesn't matter if you're driving a lawn mower, driving a car. you're still driving. >> i wonder if he had the blades spinning, though. if he did there might be an interesting path on the side of the highway. >> look way up there in the tippy top of that tree. that's a kitten named mitten. and that kitten has been in the top of that tree for a week. >> cats get stuck in trees but that's high up. >> so high up, in fact, that the local animal shelter tried to rescue it, didn't have the right equipment. the local fire department came to help out. they also didn't have the right equipment to get that high. neighbors used a tarp so make a makeshift net hoping the cat might jump and land in the net.
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even local tree climbers try to get up this tree and they failed. until local tree climber and horticulturist brady came to the rescue. he's got his harness and shim mying his way up the tree. mittens comes down almost towards brady, gets it by his neck, almost a heartbreaking ima image, we know he's doing a good thing. puts mittens in the bag and brings him down safely. >> has he released a statement? >> i will tell you who has. mitten's foster mom. >> brady is my hero. >> now they know the person to call. >> brady, local horticulturist. ♪ these aren't babies. >> these are adults who like to pretend that they are babies. >> we're going into the h hidde world of adult babies next. >> one report caught our
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attention see how north korea reported its own missile launch.
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we have a bonus video for you. beth, what do you got? >> i'm so in love with this video. the ok ka pella group doing an n sync medley. singing songs like "here we go." "dirty pop". >> ♪ dirty pop >> they're so good. >> no instruments. >> just coming out of their mouths. >> that's what acapella means. >> check out this video in its entirety, head to and click on. >> best of rtm. losing a pet oftentimes is losing a member of why ur fyour. this handsome poodle is dallas. pretty cool looking orange mohawk. >> like a punk rock poodle. >> he was stolen from the truck
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of his owners while they were shopping at a walmart in boise, idaho. >> that's bold to reach into somebody's car and take their dog. >> this high-tech way of upping the ante using >> nice. they have an app for pets. >> sign up and list your case it will blast this alert everywhere on the internet. >> i love that. >> immediately notifying neighbors and businesses in the area where your pet went missing so people know this pet was stolen. >> and with dallas, a dog like dallas, this is a completely recognizable pet. anybody is going to be able to spot this dog. >> these are surveillance stills taken of two women believed to be dallas' kidnappers. >> they think they just stole somebody's little black poodle and don't know their pictures are being blasted all over the place. >> via skype right this minute to answer questions, we have his owner samantha simmons.
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how did they get dallas in the first place? did they break into your truck? >> they did not. he was in the cab of my truck. the back window was vented. either open enough they were able to coax him out or they reached in and opened it further. >> do you have any news on dallas? >> my first tip came from craigslist. that's how i found the footage of these two women carrying him around. i'm doing what i can to generate more tips and help get him home. he will be found. we have photos. somebody will recognize them. >> how does it make you feel to see these women walking around with your dog? >> i was extremely an fwri. see them smiling and laughing and having a great time they think they got away with something it made me mad. >> we hope you find him. >> we want him home. that's all we care about. whatever it takes. you probably know by now that north korea recently successfully launched a
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long-range rocket. news has been circulating the globe. there was also some news in north korea about it. i'm going to show you one of those broadcasts. [ speaking foreign language ] >> loosely translate this. i'm gauging based on her passion. i think she's saying welcome to the show. then we have a lovely view of what might be a sunrise. >> get you pumped up for news. watch this report. [ speaking foreign language ] >> any video of the actual launch or is it just this lady telling everybody what supposedly happened? >> they're letting everybody know with great force. >> with fire. >> i would love to know exactly what she's saying. is she saying we launched a rocket that went to mars and what kind of lives are being propagated. >> north korea has claimed this long range rocket was used to
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put a satellite into orbit but people are certainly concerned their next long-range missile could hit the west coast of the united states. there's a documentary a iring in the uk that goes behind the scenes with adult babies. these are adults that like to pretend they are babies. >> it takes me back to that time when i have no stress. >> derrick is an adult baby. >> he is special but a special bond between two people. >> as you can see here derrick is in a crib that is fitted for a grown man. he has a high chair for a grown man. a pacifier fitted for a grown man. he's getting his diaper changed by his partner. this is called "the 15 babies" a reference to weight in the uk. they interview people in the uk and united states. >> [ inaudible ] you know, we don't want to be weird children. we want to be the child. >> it's hard not to just laugh at this but on the other hand,
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be hey, you know what, you got one life to live in nis world, live it happy. if you're not hurting, i guess there's nothing wrong with it. >> it's a hidden world. >> i think i'm weird and a freak and never want to talk to me again. >> full of pain and secrecy. >> i can't tell how i feel. >> now adult babies are connecting through social media and realizing they are not alone. >> how many of these people are there? >> some believe that there could be up to 500,000 adult babies in the united states alone. >> it's fascinating. it's weird. doesn't make sense to us but is fascinatin call them the pix naked couple. what if you could have pants like that? >> i think it's cool. >> i totally get it. i love it. it's funky, eccentric and odd. >> it's for sale. >> see where and see who's behind it next. >> a christmas gift for the techi nerd in your life. >> there's a little something of
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goop or whatever. >> see what's on our list, "right this
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guys, i think i have found the must have but also relatively unknown holiday gift of the season. the only thing is you have to go to sweden to get one. check this out. this is a commercial for this product. guy and a girl having a little coffee, latte on a bench, get up, jackets come off.
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shirts come off. oh, boy. pants come off. these guy and gal are completely nude. >> like the perfect gift. i was looking for something like this. >> this isn't the gift but it's close. as you see they're walking around here, the streets just have shoes on, high fiving and that pixelated affect over their private parts. eventually as they go on, they put some pants on, that keep the pixilation going. you can see there, these look like underwear they're wearing that have sort of a pixelated graphic over the his and her naughty areas. you could say. this is actually a commercial for byorn borg pixel pants. known for his style and fashion. here's the thing. you can get a pair of these pixel pants in long john form. all you have to do is show up at a bjorn bourque store and say pixel pants and you get a pair while supplies last for free. >> is it just me or do the lady
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pants just look like somebody sprayed her down with water? looks like smeared pants over that part? >> i think it's really cool. >> i totally get it. i love it. because it's funky, eccentric, odd. i wish i was in sweden because i would pick up a pair or two. >> don't get these for beth. >> right. >> get this for me. >> i'll wear a pair of my panties and pour coffee on them. look, pixel pants. >> oh. here's a new spin on cotton candy. i'm going to call this guy a cotton candy artist in china. watch as he spin his weave of deliciousness. he doesn't just stick the whole stick in and give you a big marriage simpson style wad of cotton candy. he takes his time. he spin and sculpts. >> looks like a cocoon. >> like magic. >> starts to spin it out to give it shape and color. with another stick, he folds
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those pieces in. now starting to look like -- >> a flower. >> the artist adds some red sugar. >> you're right. this isn't cotton candy. this is art. >> you wind up with this big, beautiful pink and yellow flower. >> that's wicked cool. >> what an awesome gift to give someone you love. i love you. here is a beautiful cotton candy flower and you can eat it. >> almost feel bad eating it. >> on the side of his car looks like you can pay for different options. that looks like a bouquet. >> that would be a fun bouquet to carry down the auto aisle. >> if you were marrying willy wonka. >> mother and son head to the store and switch lists. >> can you help me find a few things. >> a cattle prod for kids. >> she's totally playing along. i love her. >> see the christmas shopping prank that keeps on giving.
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sports passion is a good thing but sometimes it gets completely out of hand. as is the case in istanbul, turkey. some wheelchair basketball fans got out of their minds crazy, riot police had to be called in to break up the crowd. they had it to use tear gas on these fans. the rivalry between the two teams goes back decades. in fact, they've even been banned from showing up at each other's soccer games. in this case a wheelchair basketball games in certain parts of this game, be people get out of the way of tear gas,
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parents scooping up children to get them out of the way. you see a smoky haze of tear gas inside the court. police with helmets trying to shepard away some of the wheelchair athletes, throwing crutches at each other. >> fire extinguishers. >> you're there to watch a game. why do people end up in fisticuffs? >> and doing the opposite of supporting your team because the team doesn't get to play. steven, this time of year i think the most difficult person to shop for on your christmas list is the techi in your life. >> oh, yeah. because you don't want to get them something that's probably an old version or something and they're like, oh, thanks for a gift, that was cool two years ago. >> right. so here at "right this minute" we like to help people out. >> we do. >> to do that we're going to bring in our tech expert and our -- >> el of zach. >> hello, zach. >> hello. >> what's up? >> great gift ideas for the techi in our lives.
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>> exactly. >> what have you got? >> both come from [ inaudible ]. instead of going hardware i'm thinking cool tech things fun to play with. >> yeah. >> what's this one? >> the first one called the farrow food magnetic display, probably the coolest looking desk toy you can get. >> like a little something of goop or whatever in there. oil? >> it's a fluid that reacts to magnetic fields. >> i'm not a techi and i love this and i want one. it looks alive. >> an updated way cooler version of the lava lamp. >> because you can control this one. >> and next up on your list of things that are cool. >> this is the rc water cannon helicopter. it does exactly what it says. it shoots water from a helicopter you can control. something you can fly around here and just nail people in the face. >> so this is a little remote controlled helicopter that's also a water gun? >> exactly. the best of both worlds. these pranks are awesome.
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we've seen this before from mediocre films. they go into a store with a list of items that they need to buy. they have no idea what's on the list because their friend made the list. they're at it again, christmas shopping but this time the guy from mediocre films is doing the prank with his mom. >> oh. even better. >> are you nervous? >> yes. i've never done this before. what did you get me into? >> this is going to be fun. >> excuse me. could you help me find some things. >> sure. >> granny ham. >> granny ham. >> yeah. >> i think we only have our casual hams. >> can you help me find a few things. fuzzy niblets. >> is that the dog food? >> they have a lot of hair on them. >> cattle prod for kids. where would that be? toys? >> oh, my gosh. she's totally playing along. i love her. >> mom is pretty good. they get as weird as they possibly can. >> blueberry tam poons, do you
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have those? >> okay. they have tamupons by pharmacy. >> they're flavored. >> i'm not sure if they're flavored. >> obvious where this guy gets his sense of humor. her list for him is funny. >> the dingell dongle. >> i think this would be something fun to do on a saturday afternoon with a friend or somebody. >> these guys nailed it. this is a prank that just is always funny. >> always. >> something to make the voices stop? see the entire video of this hilarious prank head to our website and click on best of rtm. >> that's our show, folks. we'll see you tomorrow.
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